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Repairing Water Damage Restoration in San Antonio, Texas

The more than 1.3 million citizens who reside in San Antonio, Texas, located 149 miles from the coast, make it the seventh largest city in the United States, as well as home to one of the largest concentrations of military personnel in the country. While its diversified economy remains stable, the city’s drainage systems are in clear need of an overhaul. Runoff from the rain poses a constant problem as more and more citizens are forced to deal with intense flooding and the aftermath. For countless homes and commercial establishments, water damage restoration is a godsend.

As creeks overflow and the streets become flooded, the city grinds to a halt as barricade after barricade are set up in order to warn citizens of the impending rise of floodwater. If these preventative measures are unsuccessful, proper water damage restoration services in San Antonio must be implemented.

Butler Water Damage Restoration, a division of The Butler Group, can help prevent water damage. It is one of America’s top full-service restoration contractors, offering services in the restoration of water damaged structures and plumbing. With the assistance of Butler Water Damage Restoration’s emergency mitigation program, San Antonio has become a safer and more secure place for its 1.3 million citizens.

Butler Water Damage Restoration has one of the largest inventories of emergency drying equipment in America. It provides effective assistance through structure and content cleaning, document and electronics restoration, dehumidification, and structure restoration, among many other services.

Thanks to Butler Restoration we are dry as a bone.

- Larry & Joyce

Your help made all the difference during our time of crisis.

- Jon & Kim

Great work, I will be recommending you to all my neighbors.

- Regan

Thank you for doing such a nice job.

- Kendra

Thank you Butler! Great team and great service.

- Bron




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